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A unique and exclusive members house. A lifestyle curator for health/wellness, beauty, art & fashion. LeKa is an enlightened environment where you can nurture and re-energise the mind, body and soul.

We curate for you, spaces that are both calming and dynamic, depending on your mood and motivation for spending your time with us. Whatever your reason for being part of LeKa’s vibrant network, you will have the opportunity to make and grow connections with an eclectic range of individuals.

LeKa is the brainchild of experienced hair stylist and technician Leila Karalic. Leila was inspired to launch the creative collective by her dynamic and diverse circle of friends, colleagues and mentors; LeKa’s core ethos is one of innovativeness, discovery and expansion.

At LeKa you will benefit from handpicked and skilled specialists at the cutting edge of their practice. They offer experiences tailor-made for the individual and are passionate about seeking out the latest innovations in their field.

Our collaborators’ services are hugely varied, enabling you to focus on what’s on the inside as well as the outside. Whether you are after fresh perspectives from an extraordinary life coach, guidance from a creative counsellor, personalised nutrition advice, art, private Michelin star supper clubs, yoga, reiki, reflexology, massage or simply a fresh new look, LeKa has something to suit everyone.

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Looking for a traditional private members club – all soft furnishings and silent introspection? Or a city health spa to squeeze you in for an express mani-pedi while you’re on your lunch break? Then you’ll be disappointed with LeKa.

But…if you want to feel inspired by creative people, share ideas with like-minded collaborators and feel nourished by some of the most experienced health and wellness practitioners in London, then we welcome you.

LeKa is a vibrant community encouraging growth and the sharing of ideas with a dynamic network of creatives; LeKa is about discovery and expansion. It is about self-expression and acceptance. LeKa reflects the philosophy of its founder – Leila Karalic  – a master hair technician and stylist whose life and work are inspired by a dynamic and eclectic circle of people from all walks of life.

LeKa curates tailor made experiences in a environment that is stylish and serene. Our specialists are handpicked and skilled in a range of diverse health, beauty, fashion and therapy practices. Whether you want to calm your spirits and improve your flexibility with yoga or achieve deep relaxation through massage, it’s all here. Or maybe LeKa’s experts can deliver bespoke treatments and therapies to guide you with the right tools to powerfully overcome the challenges of life? We can enable you to take five, feel re-energised or benefit from a transformational look and style. Do you want to develop your playful side, or grow your mindful character? You’re free to choose, because LeKa is a space that nourishes and develops you depending on your wants and needs.

At LeKa, we have one finger on the pulse and one hand in the air, striving for our next goal.

Feed your need for growth.

 Align body, mind and soul – and live well with LeKa.

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