LeKa: skills, experiences, treatment and discovery 

LeKa offers a carefully curated and balanced range of beauty, fashion, art, health and wellbeing experiences all in one dynamic, creative space. With a focus on body and mind and soul – the exterior, as well as the interior – our diverse skills, give you an opportunity to feel nourished, learn and expand your conciousness. Our membership concept also means you can collaborate with other professionals and fellow LeKa members.

Each of our collaborators has their own story to tell about what led them to develop their chosen area of expertise, and their passion for their chosen skill drives them to create a tailored experiences for each individual they work with. Whether your goal is to find a peaceful, thoughtful space in which to refresh your thinking, align your being or to discover – or rediscover – your energy, focus and inspiration, take some time to read through what we offer – there is truly something here for everyone.