I am inspired by the diverse and the dynamic, from the classical architecture in my birthplace of Rome, to the skyscrapers in New York where I lived, and the mountainous island of Haiti where I worked as a volunteer.

My cosmopolitan Italian American upbringing and international experience has given me an insatiable curiosity to learn more about different countries, cultures and people, and I have travelled extensively in the last few years.

This same inquisitive nature motivates me to deepen my professional knowledge. An early career in luxury brand sales in Rome led to time working as an English teacher at a private international school, then as an administrative assistant, and I later volunteered in an orphanage in Haiti, where I launched a fundraising project to build a new wing. I have also developed strong communication and organisational skills during my time as a researcher and assistant curator for fashion exhibitions and publications, and as a copywriter for an online travel website.

I am also a trained Reiki healer and yoga instructor. Leading kids’ yoga and mindfulness sessions, I am inspired by the playful, inquisitive nature of young minds, and the concept of learning through play.

I am still growing and learning about self-improvement, how to support others and how to achieve true happiness and wellness. I appreciate this doesn’t come from outside but from within; my quest for new, powerful and wider knowledge has brought me to LeKa – an inspirational space where I can continue to expand my experience while supporting others to create their own moments of happiness.