I will focus on and experience the world through your eyes. It is one thing to listen to someone’s words, entirely another to hear their true voice – and this is my goal as a practitioner.

I offer a supportive space in which we will explore your needs, aims and issues. I will help you to understand and manage what distresses or concerns you. I share my experience, offer tools and concepts to facilitate the changes you seek and help you to achieve your highest level of potential and resilience. I offer a holistic, nurturing and sometimes humorous and unconventional style to our work together.

So many of us instinctively turn to friends and family in our hour of need, but if an issue relates to those very close to us, then consulting a grounded, friendly professional who doesn’t judge is a great help.

As an independent specialist, I am a member of The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have worked within the music and film industries for many years and extensively support young people and adolescents. My wide-ranging experience includes helping people of all ages and backgrounds cope with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, self-growth and belief, relationships, family, conflict, sexual identity and gender, dissociation, professional and intercultural issues, drug-related issues and eating disorders. My approach is integrative, incorporating several distinct analytical concepts such as humanistic, person-centred theory, relational psychoanalysis, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and mindfulness. Although these are the firm theoretical foundations that my practice is rooted in, what matters most is that I offer a bespoke, confidential service and work in whichever way is appropriate to you, offering respect, commitment, privacy, courtesy and all the attention you need; regardless of age, sex, class, heritage or sexual identity.

I know people need different things at different times; as a therapist I not only grasp this concept, but intuitively respond to your individual support needs.