Focus, alignment, breath, pace – while all of these are familiar foundations in yoga, what is unique about my practice is the sense of inclusivity that lies at its heart. I create a warm, open and welcoming environment to develop your yoga skills.  Everyone works to their own pace and I offer one-to-one assistance and help you adjust your asanas (postures).

I trained in the Mysore style of the discipline, which is how Ashtanga yoga was introduced in Mysore, India, by Pattabhi Jois (the father of Ashtanga) and his grandson Sharath. I first visited Mysore in 1999, spending a year studying there, learning the demanding Advanced A series, and gaining authorisation from the prestigious Pattabhi Jois yoga institute.

My yoga practice and teaching has taken me all over the world, from Boston to New York, London, Oslo, and Australia. My experience includes leading classes at some of London’s best-regarded well studios. Something Pattabhi Jois once said reflects my inclusive outlook on yoga: “Anyone can practice Ashtanga yoga, an old person, a stiff person, a weak person, a sick person. The only one who can not is a lazy person.”

I am also a qualified massage therapist with over 20 years experience. Before developing my Ashtanga practice, I trained in massage therapy, studying for four years under the guidance of the founders of the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, California, which encourages the development of psychologically sensitive bodyworkers.

I offer two types of massage, Thai massage, a traditional method performed on a mat on the floor, and the more familiar “table massage” therapy. Although I focused primarily on Thai massage, visiting Thailand to study with my teacher’s teacher, I now integrate the many modalities I studied into a bodywork that integrates deep tissue with Swedish massage and passive joint movement.

I am always continuing my education in both massage and yoga, ensuring my practice remains fresh, connected and inspired by the latest teachings.

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