Danka’s life journey started in former Czechoslovakia.
Her dance and athletics background allowed her to travel the world. She has lived in Prague, Frankfurt, Berlin and San Francisco – which is where she was introduced to yoga in 1991. Now almost two decades later, Danka lives and breathes yoga and loves teaching people on a regular basis. Danka has now lived and taught in London for over five years.

She has a degree in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation from FTVS Prague. She is qualified in various therapies, including: Ayurvedic Marma Points, LaStone®, Reflexology, Reiki Master, Shiatsu, NLP, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement, Garuda Aparatus and Garuda network Pilates. Danka has studied with many internationally recognised teachers (Dr Deepika Rodrigo, Dr Jain, Lalleshvari & Vilas Turske, John Friend founder of Anusara® Yoga, Sinanna Sherman, Todd Tesen, Mitchell Bleier, Tara Judelle,
Bridget Woods Kramer, Kali Ray – founder of TriYoga® Flow, Doug Keller, Sadie Nardini). Whilst living in Berlin, she discovered Anusara Yoga. From that very first encounter Danka fell in love with the teaching style and dedicated herself to bring that same experience to her students.

Danka’s classes are challenging, multi-faceted and fun! They offer an opportunity to work deeply and strongly on a physical level while combining a spiritual/mental practice. In her classes the aim is to flow from the heart, fully ‘open to grace’ and be able to relate to the world and others with a more compassionate and positive approach.

Her main interest as a yoga teacher is to enable students to face daily life situations with grace, strength, humour, a clear mind and always a smile. She helps them understand Anusara essentials, to build a strong foundation for their evolving yoga journey. Danka has also taught many famous and well-known people, which include Hollywood actors, world famous musicians, politicians, designers, directors and people of all ages from the neighbourhood.