With a focus on quality, attention to detail and the highest of healthcare standards, I combine a background in science and medicine with an artistic flair.

As a specialist surgeon trained in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, I am passionate about treating each patient as unique. My priority is to ensure that I develop a deep understanding of the very specific needs of every different person I care for. Always mindful of this, I build up a true picture of your concerns and requirements, priding myself on my ability to see the patient’s perspective, and to draw up highly personalised treatment plans in collaboration with you.

After qualifying from medical school, I have been practicing plastic surgery for the last 10 years and trained on the prestigious London plastic surgery training programme. I have developed extensive training and experience in all the leading plastic surgery centres in London. Among my specialities are trauma surgery, botox and fillers.

The right treatment plan can enable you to harnass renewed confidence and self-esteem, both of which are vital in a high quality of life.