I am a skilled practitioner of the Chinese martial art White Crane Fist, a style of Kung Fu from the southern province of Fujian. White Crane’s signature posture is the powerful tiger stance – a strong-rooted stance that complements the flamboyant, sweeping hand techniques synonymous with this practice. A dynamic stance helps you generate the “spring power” from the waist, a hallmark of White Crane.

I teach you patterns, a sequence of movements that aerobically exercise your body as well as enable you to learn techniques of self-defence. Kung Fu develops strength, stamina, co-ordination, balance and flexibility through repeated punches, kicks, blocks and pivots of the hips stretch the entire body.

Meditation and breathing techniques practised in the patterns help improve focus and reduce tension and stress. Breathing techniques can improve lung capacity, increase energy – “Qi” or “Chi” – and improve the overall condition of the body.

We also discipline the mind, because moral strength is vital if we are to respect, control and responsibly use the intense power we learn through martial arts. White Crane offers the potential to achieve not just a physical outcome, but gives you an opportunity to help alleviate depression, anxiety and restore mental wellbeing.