“We live in a world where complexity is the norm. Simplicity is our golden ticket.” – JC

James Connolly is a personal trainer, nutritional advisor and fully trained Pilates instructor – with over 5 years of experience in the industry and 20 years outside of the personal training sector playing rugby at various levels. JC spent the first few months of his career in the fitness industry in LA, studying and training – it’s here he found that aesthetics doesn’t always mean health and form is forgotten about when it comes to function.

Once JC returned to London he soon realised that people needed more than what they were getting from their training routines so he built his own business. Fast forward 4 years and JC has created a business that educates individuals on movement, training and nutrition.

JC believes that ‘health must come before aesthetics’ and ‘form over function’ is the only way to achieve lasting results. The great news is, aesthetics will always be a bi-product of improved health, and function will always improve with form.