Jenny’s fascination with attire, composition, prevailing taste and textiles has been engrained in her from as far back as she can remember so for her being a Stylist was her natural progression and evolutional career path. Jenny has worked as a freelance Stylist and Costume Designer for well over 10 years, working extensively with private clients, artists, music videos as well as advertising campaigns. Not only does Jenny offer a style consultancy experience for her clients but she also provides a full made-to-measure garment and alteration service also from her London based boutique / studio where her services continue to be highly sought after.


When working with private clients I believe the most important goal is to create a look that makes the client effortlessly feel confident and comfortable, taking in to consideration lifestyle, occasion, shape, and budget’


From a young age growing up in a remote Swedish town, Jenny never had much access to exploring her passion apart from what she observed on television or experienced when travelling. As a child she often bought women’s garments as these pricked her interest but with these garments being multiple sizes too big for this little girl, she started experimenting by altering them to fit her. After her father recognised her obsessive passion for fashion he purchased her a sewing machine to help his daughter in her journey that lay ahead before her.


Jenny recognised that a good education was key so along with her studies Jenny also immersed herself in her personal passion and in every waking moment she would spend her time cutting up garments, creating new shapes and sizes to fit herself and some years later, by the age of 19 she had taught myself to design, pattern cut and make all types of garments from beginning to end.  Always sourcing vintage pieces and together with her own  design’s created looks and shoot fashion stories in her bedroom.


After completing her A-levels she picked up her sewing machine and re-located to London   where she was determined to fulfil her dream of working within the fashion industry. Jenny’s first employment took place in a Soho fabric store, where she would leave work each day with a beautiful piece of fabric. The next day she would have transformed it in to a fabulous garment and with this obvious eye for flair and detail she would catch the eyes of stylists and designers alike visiting the store, and this eventually lead to several job offers.


A project can range from sourcing a single outfit for that special occasion to a decluttering  and total refreshing of ones current wardrobe or to simply start from scratch and create a whole new exquisite look’


Nearly 15 years on Jenny’s passion and excitement has only amplified where her life and work are aligned in unison and separating the two is not even a consideration and this has been the story from the very start as that little girl in Sweden.


 ‘I take great joy and pride in working closely with a client, learning about their ideas and expectations and together creating a look that makes them feel fantastic. It is incredibly important to me that my clients are entirely happy with the results and to make a client feel excited about their new look is extremely satisfying and it is what ‘keeps me going’.