Through the artful application of pressure and massage, reflexology lifts your spirits and balances your body – how else to describe the unique calmness and afterglow from a healing treatment?

I discovered the holistic qualities of reflexology 20 years ago.  I knew I wanted a new direction in life after working for the US Navy in London for many years, but it was only when my own health suffered that my eyes were opened to the restorative powers of reflexology and I had found my new path as a reflexologist.

I have a keen and dedicated approach to my practise, always evolving my knowledge and technique.  Among the more recent therapies I have mastered is the Zone Face Lift, essentially a workout for the face.  This is a blissful way to destress and achieve an instant boost to your health and wellbeing.  It can help you look and feel better, younger and glowing.

I know from my own experience that calming and relaxing the mind means that everything else in the body will balance itself out. A healthy mind is a happy body.