Lucy Hill, founder and director of Chaya Yoga Retreats, an international retreats company creating wellbeing events worldwide since 2012. She is a food educator, plant-based chef and recipe developer, yogi, holistic life coach and all-round joy advocate.

After her art school graduation, Lucy found herself captivated within the hedonistic world of the UK dance music and festival landscape; with her love of life and the connection of kindred spirits within the music and events scene Lucy a found a calling which culminated in a career in creative events and experiential marketing.

And even still…Lucy still yearned for a more sustainable (and less toxic) way to connect with herself led Lucy on her journey of nourishing the relationship with body, mind and heart.
Through her experiences, Lucy witnessed first hand the negative effects and trappings of daily city rat-esque type race.
Lucy’s intuitive nature sensed how space for meditative arts and community were greatly needed, especially within the corporate world. Together with two friends, Lucy set up Chaya Yoga Retreats in 2012, with the aim of making healing traditions and practices more accessible to the mainstream.

Alongside the retreats, Lucy runs workshops and coaches people across the globe, from the members at Soho House(s), to DJs in Ibiza, to yogis in retreat centres in Bali. In 2014 Lucy launched her own raw vegan superfood drinks brand, ‘Mylkmade’, in Selfridges, London.
The golden thread of all Lucy’s work remains the same throughout helping people to live happier lives. Lucy’s expertise lies in intuitively tailoring environments, tools and ways for each person to heal themselves, in a nurturing, held space. Her greatest passion in life is helping people on their journey to finding their natural blissful state. She believes all human beings are connected through an ultimate desire to be happy, but often life can take us off course. Lucy warmly invites you to dive deep and experience self-care in a whole new light, (with a turmeric latte and a slab of raw chocolate in hand).