Food that nourishes doesn’t have to be flavour-free and what we eat should satisfy our taste buds at the same time as fuelling our bodies. As a fully qualified nutritional therapist, I specialise in helping women of all ages to regain their energy simply by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

My own understanding of the link between diet and wellness involves a struggle with an exhausting health condition. I developed adrenal fatigue in 2014 and have been on a long path to optimal health ever since – today I have my energy back and am 90% recovered.

As a testament to my approach, the company I launched in 2010, Miss Nutritionist, is expanding rapidly. I created my first line of food products, Dynabites energy bars, because I wanted to design an energy-giving snack that is both nutritious and delicious.

I’m motivated by supporting others to find a more dynamic perspective on life, using my own personal insight to help them manage their energy levels and achieve their health goals.