I believe a truly holistic, beneficial and indulgent massage should stimulate and restore the body’s flow of energy, with heated organic oils, essential oils and healing frequency music to protect and maintain your wellbeing.

My aim is to replenish your body’s natural balance, tailoring my massage techniques, sequences and pressure for each individual, so you feel calm and relaxed as I focus on the areas prone to tension and stress.

With your spine correctly in alignment, I use an ergonomically designed chair or a high tech diode massage mat, depending on the massage treatment. The specially designed mat transmutes the low-level radiation that we are exposed to from technology and other devices.

Many work-related illnesses such as stress and muscular disorders cause millions of people to take time off work; regular massage can improve concentration, reduce the likelihood of repetitive strain injury and lessen stress.

An interesting journey led me to adopt a holistic approach to my own health, looking at mind, body and soul. This is what led me to launch my own mobile massage service, London Holistic Therapy. Having worked for the NHS as a cancer coordinator and as a paramedic, I was experienced in the clinical and medical approach to treating of illnesses, disease and injury. But when I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip in 2005 and two years later needed a hip replacement, I began to explore alternative therapies to avoid surgery. A lifestyle change and natural treatments meant I did not have the operation and I am now living to the full – horse riding, running, pilates and yoga, with regular massages incorporated into my life.

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