As a coach, trainer and hypnotherapist, my role to is simple; to see, hear and listen to you, so I can support you to develop your potential or to overcome whatever obstacles you face in your personal or professional life.

My expertise in hypnotherapy and in Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP), in which I’m qualified as a master practitioner and master trainer, spans a range of personal issues including addictions, weight loss, stress and anxiety reduction. I also coach on career goals as well as on public speaking and performance anxieties. My work with creative professionals, for example, includes support to overcome creative block and to improve communication. My strength lies in tailoring specialist techniques to each individual client, including timeline therapy, a memory-based practice, and clean language, a communications approach.
My approach as a therapist and coach is informed and enriched by over 25 years of training and working in theatre, television and film. This diverse experience has given me first hand knowledge of public speaking, presentation and effective communication and I still produce theatre in Ireland, USA and the UK. I also hold an MA in culture policy and management from City University, London, and have additional qualifications as a speech and drama teacher and as a Reiki practitioner.
My ultimate mission is to encourage transformational breakthroughs, helping you to create this effective and lasting change as rapidly as possible.