Digital Detox

During 2018 I have heard more and more people speaking of taking a ‘digital detox’ and I believe as a massage therapist I have a perfect easy solution in every sense of the term.

Let me explain…..

Celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Sharna Burgess and Iskra Lawrence are having what has been termed as a ‘digital detox’ that has come to mean that they are either ditching their mobile phones and other technology for a while or regulating the time they spend on them and around them.

Now this really resonates with me as I am a big believer in having a break from technology and having stepped away from technology on regular retreats over the years I know only too well how beneficial it can be to reconnect with yourself, to be present and not be distracted by the constant chatter from social media.

I also often make a point of taking a walk in the London Parks each day without my phone; it gives me a sense of freedom. My own personal ’digital detox’ started well over 7 years ago when I ditched my TV, I had become entranced in reality TV and found myself watching shows on repeat. I would also often sleep with the TV on and found that upon waking I would feel agitated and moody, which I realized was the effects of the TV (which I will explain later).

Family and friends are also finding that taking breaks from technology has many benefits for your sense of wellbeing, especially if you have become heavily reliant on your mobile phone and find yourself reaching for it first thing in the morning or sleeping with it next to you, which I am alarmed to hear that so many of us do.

On the flip side I really do appreciate and embrace technology, it’s helped me in so many ways. I love to shop on line, message my friends on social media, research numerous things on the World Wide Web and it’s been so beneficial for my business.

I am sure there are many people who have discipline and self-control to balance the time they spend on and around technology, and I take my hat of to them. I am also aware that many people rely on technology for work and ultimately some would say it supports their livelihood.

As many more people are coining the phrase ‘digital detox’ I want to bring your attention to another dark side of the use of technology within our modern lives and that is the EMF (Electro Magnetic field) radiation.

Simply put EMF is electric and magnetic fields of invisible energy (frequencies) that is referred to as radiation and is associated to technology, electrical and wireless devices, which includes our mobile phones, WIFI, laptops, TV’s, radio and microwaves, (the list is in fact endless). We are all basically living in a sea of invisible electromagnetic radiation, man made EMF.

I want to emphasis that the electromagnetic radiation I am writing about is man made, it’s important to understand this because the human body also has its own natural electromagnetic field. Humans are electromagnetic beings, the heart, brain and nervous system function by sending electrical signals that we can (in the most simplest forms that everyone can relate too) clearly measure by medical devices in the form of ECG’s (to measure the heart), and EEG’s (to measure the brain).

Artificial sources of EMF can pass through doors; walls and the human body and will interfere with the body’s bioelectrical signals.

With out getting too technical I want point out that some of these frequencies are are harmful to the human body.

Years ago I remember my parents telling my brother, sister and myself not to sit to close to the television, my parents definitely weren’t aware of the health issues that the EMF was having but I think their gut instinct took over (something we do less and less today – listen to our own intuition).

Today not only do we sit in front of our TV’s we now have laptops, computers, ipads, mobile phones which we hold or sit right next to us for many hours a day.

Just because the sea of frequencies emitted from these devices is invisible it doesn’t mean they are not affecting us, and many studies have proven time and time again that muscle tension and stress levels will rise when people are subjected to environments with computers, WIFI, mobile phones, photocopiers ect.

When the EMF radiation passes through the body it will alters the body’s own electrical system. It creates a static effect in the body’s electrical system, it could be described like a short circuit in an electrical wiring system. This electrical malfunction, in turn, affects the body’s molecular structure. Wherever the body is the weakest is where a health problem is likely to occur.

Another analogy of this is a sink drain that becomes clogged with hair and grease. Eventually the water stops flowing completely. The body’s electrical system has become disrupted therefore weakened which can cause all kinds of health issues such as eyestrain, headaches, chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, memory loss, the list goes on.

In this day and age we rely so heavily on technology, its part of our culture and the internet is a huge plus for businesses so I understand how hard it is to escape from it, and that’s why my massage treatments are all to give you a ‘digital detox’.

I have incorporated some unique practices into my massage treatments, which are giving people a break from technology while they enjoy a professional therapeutic massage.

Lets face it the only other time you would really be away from technology is in the middle of the wilderness far far away from anything (with out your mobile phone)!

I use an exclusive digital diode transmutation mat that is composed of natural, non-toxic ingredients of many different energy frequencies that synchronize and promote a healthy human energy field. The diode energy current moves in a positive direction which corrects, filters, and stabilizes the energies flowing into the human body to bring increased harmony and balance to the body’s electrical system.

I also use a high-tech EMF room harmoniser which neutralises the radiation from high tech devices, so my innovative massage treatments will release all that unwanted tension and stress, enhance your body’s energy field and give you a break from technology by neutralizing harmful and stray EMF radiation.

With a massage treatment focusing on increasing harmony and balance in the body’s organic electrical system, what better to beat those effects of modern technology?